What all teenage girls need to know…

Usually when your a teenager you start caring what you look like,well you need to not. You already experienced enough stress, so your just pileing on more. Due to hormones, your stressed is released more due to mental changes (and school). So teenage girls you need to know you are beautiful.

Makeup doesn’t always help, it may make your acne situation a lot worse. It can cause dry skin, skin irritation, excessive amounts of acne, and more skin issues ( consult dermatologist if you have the most of the following). 

Caring doesn’t help your parents either, if you’ve grown out of the clothes its okay. But want more because you have “nothing to wear” isn’t helping anyone. Instead you should invest in a ance brush or kit or better yet put the money toward collage.

So teenage girl be confident with what you have and who you are. Don’t listen to what the other people say, because you are beautiful just the way you are, and that’s what matters.

polar bear facts

1. the largest polar bear ever recorded was 2,209

2. polar bears have black skin underneath their white fur

3. when polar bears get to hot they go for a swim or roll in snow

4.polar bear have very few fear. But surprisingly one of them is walruses.

5. Some people go in special buggies to go see polar bears on vacation.

6. Polar bear are able to eat 100 pounds of seal fat at one time. That weighs up to 400 hamburgers.

7. Polar bear clean their selves by rolling in snow

Bring your child to work day at U of M

Today was bring your child to work day. I was really excited to go to my daddy’s work it’s been super fun. I have meet my dads boss and my dads bosses boss. I find them both fun and kind. My dads bosses boss call herself the principle witch was so funny. I had a great time meeting so of my dads staff. They say if famous which is very kind of them to say. I am all so making a pop quiz on me and some of my dads staff is in it. I am so happy to be here. In conclusion I found where my dads secret chocolate bars are.

Strive for Balance in Post Design

I think the picture is very funny of the unicorn😃!

The Daily Post

Once you’re in a blogging groove and the words begin to flow, you naturally begin to look for ways to enhance the look of your posts.

Adding images is a great way to reinforce ideas, emphasize or illustrate a specific point, provide visual breathing space within lengthy text passages, or even inject humor. When using images, take some sage advice from Mr. Miyagi of Karate Kid fame:

Better learn balance. Balance is key.

But this is blogging, not karate

Soource: WikipediaSource: Wikipedia

Ah yes, grasshopper, but did you know that balance is one of the bonafide principles of design?

Balance is embodied in a visually pleasing arrangement of the items on a page. For extra credit, you can read up on the different elements of balance.

Balance dos

While it’s your blog and you can do (almost) anything you want with it, here are some fast and…

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All saints catholic school : wacky Wednesday more info bellow

At All Saint out of the 500 student we had a goal to get 200 auction donation gifts and if we did we would get Wacky Wednesday and we did . Dress up uniform : All Saints PE class wear (you don’t have to wear the following items it is just what i dress up with) A hat or very common Mini mouse ears , mix match shoes and socks , and colored hair plus marker on face.

IMG_0616.JPG ps this was the picture of me today